Lambert greaves

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Información sobre el producto "Lambert greaves"

The greaves of our “Lambert” series are ornamented with a beading that curves upwards. Their broad cutouts for the wearer’s feet allow comfortably wearing them even on long marches.
Like the entire “Lambert” armour series, the greaves have a curved design and stand out through both their functionality as well as their elegant shape.

We recommend wearing additional leg padding or putees to increase wearing comfort and avoid bruises and abrasions.

Material: steel, leather
Width: 14cm
Length: 43cm
Weight: approx. 1kg

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Markward greaves
These are the "Markward" greaves, compatible to the rest of our "Markward" armour parts. They might be unadorned, but they look lean and elegant. Because of their simple design they fit many different armours and costumes you can combine them with.Material: 1.2mm steel

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Lambert armour belt
The armour belt of our “Lambert” series features a broad leather lamella that closes the gap between torso armour and armour belt. The fittings for tassets can be used to attach “Lambert” tassets as well as tassets from other armour series, such as “Galahad”. The armour belt may be closed by means of a strap at the back. Material: steel, leather Width: 40cm Length: 22cm Weight: approx. 1.2kg

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Lambert bracers
The bracers of our “Lambert” series feature a curved beading and have a cutout for the crook of the wearer’s arm. That way, they won’t hinder the wearer’s movements in combat and are comfortable to wear. Like all parts of the “Lambert” series, these bracers combine functionality with an elegant design. We recommend wearing a padding or arm wraps underneath the bracers to increase wearing comfort and avoid bruises and abrasions. Material: steel, leather Width: 18cm Length: 25cm Weight: approx. 0.5kg

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