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Lambert greaves

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Información sobre el producto "Lambert greaves"

The greaves of our “Lambert” series are ornamented with a beading that curves upwards. Their broad cutouts for the wearer’s feet allow comfortably wearing them even on long marches.
Like the entire “Lambert” armour series, the greaves have a curved design and stand out through both their functionality as well as their elegant shape.

We recommend wearing additional leg padding or putees to increase wearing comfort and avoid bruises and abrasions.

Material: steel, leather
Width: 14cm
Length: 43cm
Weight: approx. 1kg

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Markward greaves
These are the "Markward" greaves, compatible to the rest of our "Markward" armour parts. They might be unadorned, but they look lean and elegant. Because of their simple design they fit many different armours and costumes you can combine them with.Material: 1.2mm steel

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Lambert tassets
The tassets of our “Lambert” armour series consist of four curved segments and offer great mobility. They may also be attached to torso armour parts and armour belts from other armour series, such as “Galahad” or “Edward”. We recommend wearing a long gambeson jacked or thigh paddings to avoid bruises and abrasions. Material: steel, leather Width: 26cm Length: 28cm Weight (pair): approx. 2.1kg

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Jost greaves
The characteristic cut is simple jet has a useful contra curve at the bottom, that gives some extra space for moving your ankles.A very effective and comfortable pair of greaves from our "Jost" series.Material: 1.2mm steelColour: blank, browned

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Harald greaves
A pair of simple greaves with a central bending.Looking quite like the "Georg" series' greaves, we left the rivets and additional beading along the ridge be and offer a central bending instead. This allows the material to be less fexible and being more stiff along the longside.They are being closed around the calf by two buckle-straps.Material: 1.2mm steelLength: 35cm Width: 25cm/22cm

39,90 €*
Gustav greaves
The "Gustav" greaves are a real specialty. The characteristic cut is simple jet has a useful contra curve at the bottom, that gives some extra space for moving your ankles.A very effective and comfortable pair of greaves.Material: 1.2mm steelColour: blank, browned

37,90 €*

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Markward bracers
Like all parts of our "Markward" series, these bracers are simple in design, but look lean and elegant just like the "Markward" greaves. This impression is enhanced by a burr along the midsection. Additionally the burr strenghtens the steel construct.Material: 1.2mm SteelColour: blank, brownedMeasurements: 25cm length, 20cm on top, 14cm on the bottom

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Lambert torso armour
The torso armour of our “Lambert” series features a plain and functional design. It consists of a breast plate and a back plate that are connected by adjustable shoulder straps. The straps on both sides may also be used to adjust the size. The backplate comprises two parts and has a movable lower segment. This serves to considerably increase wearing comfort and mobility. Unlike the other parts of the “Lambert” series, the torso armour is not ornamented in any way, meaning it can also be universally combined with other armour series and outfits. We recommend wearing a gambeson jacket or padded collar underneath the torso armour to increase wearing comfort and avoid bruises and abrasions. Material: steel, leather Width: 37cm Length: 35cm Weigth: approx. 3.5kg

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Markward spaulders large
The large spaulders of the "Markward" series have a long upper arm segment, which is attached to the generously designed shouldersegmenet. The deceived drawers not only serve the ornament, it also gives additional stability. The excellent price make the big shoulders "Markward" special. Their imposing, carefully shaped shoulder segments are ideal for the addition of heavy armor. Of course, these shoulders are compatible with all Mytholon gorgets. Material: 1, 2mm steelLength: 30 cmWeight: 2 kgColour: blank, browned

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Erend leather torso black
The "Erend" torso is made of rustic cowhide leather. With four side buckles, the size of the armour can be optimally adjusted. Coarse hand seams underline the simple and functional design. This armor is ideal for adventurers and warriors. Material: upper leather  Length (Shoulder to bottom edge) 67 cm Shoulder width 27 cm Chest width 52 cm

199,90 €*
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Lambert armour belt
The armour belt of our “Lambert” series features a broad leather lamella that closes the gap between torso armour and armour belt. The fittings for tassets can be used to attach “Lambert” tassets as well as tassets from other armour series, such as “Galahad”. The armour belt may be closed by means of a strap at the back. Material: steel, leather Width: 40cm Length: 22cm Weight: approx. 1.2kg

59,90 €*