Shapur lamellar extension set

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Información sobre el producto "Shapur lamellar extension set"

This expansion set consists of 20 upper leather scales and enough leather strings to be attached wherever you desire them to be.
Use your imagination to work with this set and attach them to helmets, shoulders or built yourself a dragon scale collar by attaching them to any exsisting piece of clothing.
Build a greave or bracer - you will find a way to tinker around with this great set.

The italian leather manufacturer "Fucina del Drago" (dragon forge) is well known for their beautiful leather crafts. They work with high quality leather hides and do very detailed hallmarking in leather armour. Add their colourful leather dyes and your armour will be a real eyecatcher.

Material: thick upper leather
Measurements/scale: 8,5cm x 5,5cm

Leather is a product of nature and may take dyes differently. The actual hue may differ from the image. 

Accessory Items

Gold Quality leather grease
Leather is a very versatile material with lots of different properties. Shoes, accessories and armour can last, if maintained propperly, for many years. The "Gold Qualities" leather greases effectiveness is defined by its high percentage of bees wax - this is another reason for it cleaning your leather so good. It penetrates depply into the leather and seals it from dirt and moisture. Rub it gently into the leather by using a soft brush or cloth. After a short residence time the excessive grease is brushed off - appling too much grease will result in a saturation; the superfluent grease can be wiped off. Your leather product will let you know when you apply too much: we suggest to apply less grease, but more often. Not only leather can be taken care off with this grease, we suggest to clean steel armours light rust or polish drinking horns with it. Wooden articles profit from its bees wax ingredients as well. They will be protected effectively and recieve a new shine. Material: vaseline, bone marrow oil, genuine bees wax Colour: natural Volume: 190 ml  

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