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Mytholon Armycap black

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Info sui prodotti "Mytholon Armycap black"
Setting up a camp in the blazing sun? A quick trip to the bakery, but your hairstyle is going crazy again? Whether at the con or in everyday life, with our practical army cap you are well protected from sun, rain and wild hair. Also ideal as a headwear in the garden or at work.
Material: 100% cotton

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Initially the skirt was a piece of clothing for both: men and women alike. It was made with sleeves and was worn as everyday clothing in all social classes. Only later the skirt developed into the shape we know it as today. The ankle long skirt "Anna" is built with a wide, comfortable waistband. The lacing on the back can be used to adjust the skirt indivudually to the wearers body. Rough canvas provides the neccessary durability on LARP events and medieval markets. When combined with the blouse and the bodice fro mthe "Anna" series, this costume provides a good basis for a tavern maidens dress. As usual: the accessories added will only make up for the basis being chnaged into your individual costume. Material: cotton

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Lilian greatcoat wool with fur purple Discontinued
Remaining stock, only while stocks lastMany of our cloaks have historical models and are therefore not always suitable for everyday use. With the "Lilian" hooded cloak, we have created a garment that is not only suitable for historical markets and live-action role-playing. The generously cut bell sleeves are lined with cotton fabric. A large hood protects against wind and rain, while the long peak can be used as a scarf. The fitted cut is supported by a bar at the back, which further gathers the coat. By simply moving the buttons of the bar, the waist can be adjusted if necessary. A button placket closes the knee-length hooded coat. It is an alternative to conventional garments and ideal for those who like something a little more unusual. Material: Wool (70% wool, 20% polyester, 10% viscose), faux fur

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The robe "Oberon" is not only a chic and practical garment for magicians or clerics. Like a coat, it is closed with six wide leather straps. The stand-up collar and the applications on the wide sleeves give the robe an official, uniform character. The special feature of Oberon are the four internal pockets. All sorts of magic components, scrolls and potions can be stored here. The robe is available in robust "canvas" cotton and warming wool.Material: 100% cotton Sizechart: M L XL XXL XXXL Chest circumference 116 124 133 141 150 Hip circumference 120 128 137 145 154 Width shoulders 52 55 59 62 67 Sleeve length 61,5 62 62,5 63 63 Total length 142,5 146 149,5 153 154 All figures are in cm. Our products are handmade, dimensions and colours may therefore differ slightly.

69,90 €*

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24,89 €*