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Vladimir Bracciali

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Info sui prodotti "Vladimir Bracciali"
I bracciali "Vladimir" sono costituiti da segmenti curvi e hanno una protezione aggiuntiva per mani e gomiti. Anche il lato interno del braccio è protetto da un segmento flessibile. La protezione per le mani è collegata all'avambraccio e quindi difficilmente ostacola chi la indossa in combattimento. Materiale: acciaio 1,2 mm Lunghezza 42 cm Peso 2,6 kg Colore: lucido, brunito

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Vladimir Schinieri
Gli schinieri "Vladimir" sono realizzati con segmenti curvi e decorati con rivetti. La protezione del ginocchio è mobile in modo da non limitare i movimenti in combattimento. Una particolarità di questi schinieri è che sono anche chiusi sul retro del polpaccio. Materiale: acciaio Lunghezza: 53 cm Peso 4,8 kg Colore: lucido, brunito

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Francis cappello d'arme
Considerando la sua forma, l'elmo "Francis" è una sorta di cappello d'arme del tardo Medioevo. Questa versione ha una lunga visiera a tesa larga che crea una protezione per il viso particolarmente buona ma limita la vista di chi la indossa molto di più rispetto agli elmi standard. Ha una imbottitura in schiuma rivestita di cotone all'interno e due cinturini in pelle per adattarsi saldamente alla testa. Materiale: acciaio 1mm

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Elmo Peter
Classico “spanghenhelm” con maschera tipica del periodo crociato. Ha un’imbottitura in schiuma rivestita di cotone e un cinturino e una fibbia per tenerlo ben saldo al capo.Materiale: acciaio 1,2 mmCirconferenza: 61 cm

99,90 €*
Soup bowl
A simple medium sized bowl with a transparent glazing on the inside. It can be used for soups and stews or cereals or deserts. All our clay products are handmade and therefore each is a little different from the other. Even without glazing they are dishwasher safe, ovenproof and suitable for microwaves. Material: clayDiameter:0,3 l: ~13cm0,5 l: ~15cm This article is a medieval prop that is only produced in small quantities. For this reason, expensive food certification is uneconomical or would have a massive impact on the selling price.Therefore we are obligated to the following notice: Prop - not certified or suitable for contact with food.

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Rikomer bracers browned
The "Rikomer" plate armor is the brother of our "Dragomir" armor. Elaborately manufactured, it consists of a large number of lames and elements that, when combined, result in an extraordinary armor that can hardly be more agile. Every part from Rikomer is carefully flanged and coordinated with one another. Unlike "Dragomir", this armor is not decorated with beads and thus has an uncompromising, brutal look that contrasts with the finely shaped parts. Rikomer impresses with its design and the masterful execution that makes this armor so unique. It is also a more affordable than its brother "Dragomir".Armor like this is usually only available as a custom-made product and we had to fiddle a long time before we could get it ready for serial production. Of course, the fit must and can be optimized here and there by careful bending, but we have designed the armor in such a way that it can be carried into the field with maximum comfort. The individual parts are burnished to protect them from rust, making the Rikomer burnished particularly suitable for dark knights and fighters of chaos.We generally recommend wearing a gambeson and arm and leg paddings under plate armor. This significantly improves wearing comfort and protection.Material: steel, leather

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Mina bracciali lucidi
Con il loro taglio curvo e le linee semplici, i bracciali "Mina" sono progettati per abbinarsi al nostro set di armature "Mina". Si indossano comodamente, anche su avambracci di dimensioni più minute. Un generoso taglio del gomito garantisce molta libertà di movimento. La loro lunga punta sul gomito conferisce una linea slanciata senza provocare disturbi in battaglia.Materiale: Acciaio con spessore 1,2 mmLunghezza: 23 cmLarghezza davanti 8,5 cm Larghezza dietro 15 cm

34,90 €*
Kassandra blouse sailcloth
The Kassandra blouse stands out for its placket of cast metal buttons. This gives it, despite an airy cut and the wide trumpet sleeves, a strict, almost uniform character. This makes Kassandra ideal for all costumes that need to look a little more official. However, if you combine it with a skirt and bodice, it quickly gets a noble, feminine look. Asian costumes, pirates, nobility or elf costumes can also be realized with this versatile blouse.Material: 100% CottonSizechart: S M L XL XXL Chest circumference 93 101 110 122 135 Waist circumference 79 87 96 109 123 Hip circumference 105 111 118 128 139 Sleeve lenght 60 60,5 61 61,5 62 Lenght 69,5 70,5 71,5 72,5 73,5 All figures are in cm. Our products are handmade, dimensions and colours tones may therefore differ slightly.

59,90 €*
Belt decoration skull
This tiny skull from brass can not only be used as an embellishment for a belt, but also for any other part of a costume. No matter if it's attatched to a hat, a bag or even boots – your creativity knows no limits! With three thorns at its back, this belt fitting is easily attached. Material: BrassMeasurements: ca. 2, 0 x 1, 5 cm  

2,90 €*
Gudrun pot
A rounded pot.The pot holds just enough space for four persons' food. The grips are tightly riveted to the pots body. It fits perfectly on our small pot-stand from the "Gudrun" series.Material: steelSmall: 29,5 cm diameter, 9 cm height (inside)Large: 38,5 cm diameter, 11 cm height (inside)

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59,90 €*
Borre belt fitting ring
The belt fitting ring "Borre" is a well done replica, made after a historical  find from Gotland dated to the 10th century. Belt distributors or fitting rings were very widespread in the time of the Vikings and can be found in the area of the Rus as well as on Gotland and in all other settlement areas the Vikings. They were used for sword sheaths and made sure that the sword or sax always hung on the belt at the optimum angle. Material: ZamakDiameter 3.5 cm

9,90 €*