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Borre belt fitting ring Borre belt fitting ring Borre belt fitting ring
The belt fitting ring "Borre" is a well done replica, made after a historical find from Gotland dated to the 10th century. Belt distributors or fitting rings were very widespread in the time of the Vikings and can be found in the area of...
9,65 € *
Fur collar English Rabbit Fur collar English Rabbit Fur collar English Rabbit
The rabbit fur collars of the Leipzig manufacture Falkenwacht not just keep warm on cool days and waking nights, they are also an elegant sun protection. Cuddly soft, these collars are made of two...
58,39 € *
Hilger pocket closure Hilger pocket closure
The finely polished toggle "Hilger" is made of real bone and a ideal closure for pockets and garments. The counterpart is a loop made of fabric or leather, which is pulled through a slot and is closed with the toggle. Material: Bone...
2,42 € *
Mytholon Patch Mytholon Patch
Our new patch is now online, they are finely woven and can be easily ironed. For a longer durability we recommend to sew them on additionally.
1,84 € *
Pocketbook with leather cover Pocketbook with leather cover Pocketbook with leather cover
On a LARP event you often have to solve puzzles or translate texts. You might want to keep a diary about your adventures or the bartender needs a booklet in which he can write the open bills. For...
Da 8,68 € *
Standarte-Canvas-blau/natur Standarte-Canvas-blau/natur Stendardo in Canvas
Questo stendardo di guerra è realizzato in canvas. I colori sono applicati squadrati e corrispondono a disegni storici. Ti consigliamo di ricamare lo stendardo con il tuo stemma o di decorarlo con la nostra gamma di toppe. Se la...
19,40 € *
Styrkar belt fitting ring Styrkar belt fitting ring
This belt fitting ring is cast by hand from brass and is designed in the shape of a triskele. Belt fittings such as "Styrkar" were widely used in the Viking Age. They were used to arrange the...
4,78 € *
Tinne brass pins 10 pcs. Tinne brass pins 10 pcs.
With "Tinne" you get 10 brass nails - 1.6 mm round head pins made of solid brass MS-64 with a share of 64% copper and 36% zinc. Pins made of this alloy are very easy to shape when riveting and are thus ideal for attaching historic and...
0,48 € *