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Hartman combat dagger II


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Product information "Hartman combat dagger II"

The soldier's combat dagger comes in an even more realistic painting in its 2nd edition: the blade is painted in light silver, the handle is kept dark. The dagger consists only of the tough Calimacil weapon foam and has no core rod inside. That makes him safe in the LARP fight. The weapon can be thrown without worry and depending on the organizer can be used for stabbing during infight.

Material: foam
Overall length: 29.5 cm
Blade length: 15 cm
Blade width: 3.1 cm
Weight: 37.5 g

Calimacil foam weapons may have small holes in the foam due to the manufacturing process. All articles of the manufacturer "Calimacil" are hand-made in a small factory in Canada. We try to have all items in stock at all times, but there can still be waiting times of up to 10 weeks for out of stock items.

Disclaimer: All the articles shown here have been specially developed to safely depict fights in live role playing, on theater stages or similar. Here we offer throwing weapons made entirely of foam.

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