Kids clothing must meet special requirements: the cut needs to fit the small body of the child and the fabric must be easy to clean and very practical.

It is not any different, when concerning our clothing. Besides our tabbards for younger heroes or dresses for small ladies, we offer foam weapons and armour built, for those special needs of the young ones. We support the creation of new, exciting costumes: be it the brave and devious bandit chief, the smart mage or a brave warrior; this is the place you will find the ideal equipment.

Do not misunderstand our foam weapons for toys. They were made to reenact most realistic fighting scenes. We assume, that all customers handle the stage prop with special care. Take your time to brief yourself and check all instructions prior to using them.

Adam greaves burnished

34,90 €*
Butcher Cleaver

73,90 €*
Combat throwing axe

51,90 €*
Darius knife

14,90 €*
Duath Dagger green

77,90 €*
Duath Dagger purple

77,90 €*
Duath Dagger steel

77,90 €*
Felix kids shield

49,90 €*
Freydis short sword

116,91 €*
Hartman combat dagger II

24,89 €*
Solo 1 disponible
Solo 3 disponible
Hersir short sword master edition

129,90 €*
Solo 2 disponible
Solo 3 disponible
La Marquise Dagger

81,90 €*
Lisbeth bonnet

7,50 €*